Selling eggs

Selling eggs of Paduan hen


Shipping eggs throughout Italy 1-2 working days from February to September or withdrawal in the company.

Available in 8 colors, and they are packaged individually packed in boxes of various sizes according to the quantity.

They are shipped by courier via the Italian post office in two solutions and customer delivery takes place from Monday to Friday::

  • "CORRIERE ESPRESSO 1-2 days"
    Prices vary according to the weight:
    0-3 kg = 12,90 euro
    3-10 kg = 16,90 euro

Selling eggs of Paduan hen



Allows you to pay on delivery with an added expense for the service of 7,00 €. The service is ideal for shipping with delivery to the recipient subject to the payment of the amount indicated by the sender.

Management of collections at the time of delivery: the recipient, at the delivery of the package, pays the amount indicated by the sender on the waybill.


It must be made by the holders of c / c before the departure of the goods, saving the cost of delivery.

Selling eggs of Paduan hen


• In the case of the eggs there will be no possibility of return. You are guaranteed with packaging material suitable for transportation and padding for the product and the type of shipment. Given the extreme care in packaging, no liability can be charged in case of breakage of eggs due to the conduct of third parties (couriers).

• Our care is to send the freshest eggs possible in purity, but we can not guarantee its fertility, which varies from approximately 40% to 80% depending on the season and especially to shipping way. With my many years of experience, I can confirm excellent results especially in the south of Italy where they live most of my clients.

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