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» Il curriculum

My Profile

Enthusiast since childhood for agriculture, I have cultivated this discipline in the curriculum to the degree in agronomy from the University of Padua.
Agronomist by profession, with a passion for the poultry industry especially for the Paduan hen which, in my opinion, has a unique charm and elegance of its kind.
It all stems from my thesis, in which I treated chickens of Veneto region.
Soon I was fascinated by this animal in large clump, and I brought in my company in Cittadella some specimens of various colors that I did play in purity.
The following year I was struck by the idea of bringing this beautiful animal in other regions of Italy and I began to send fertile eggs to some lovers who would never be able to reach me.

Now after some years I own dozens and dozens of animals divided for each color and I created a trigger such as export the Paduan hen from the Valle d'Aosta to Sicily and Sardinia through all regions, not to mention the fans who come to visit the Veneto , perhaps on holiday, and make stops in my company.
Great combination of enthusiasm and passion so proud to safeguard and promote the breed and with it our Veneto region.

Next target? "The expatriation" in the countries of the European Community and elsewhere.
Greetings to the many fans that I have known over the years and thanks for the contribution to the breed.

“If you love what you do,
                                   you can only be successful”

» Top news

Italian champion Gallina Padovana

Images, video and audio of the victory in the Championships of Italian poultry farming.

My tips for breeding

I present to you a guide breeding hen Paduan.

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