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Gallery 2015

A new list of photo of the paduan hen.

My eggs

Eggs ready for hatching

Chicks under brooder

Chicks under brooder

Chicks in breeding

Pulcinotti in breeding

Female subjects after sexing

Blue exemplary resting

Pure subjects available ayam cemani

Male specimen ayam cemani

Pure subjects available ayam cemani

Female tri

Trio male Exhibition

Tricolor exemplary grazing

Female blue fringed

Male suede edged white

Female sparrow hawk

Chicks at birth

Female tricolor

Sympathetic hug

Especially the lock of a female blue fringed

Male gold edged black

Male tricolor

Female tri on podium

Female tricolor staining sample

Mom and son : a winning combination

Group tricolor players

Group tricolor players

» Top news

Italian champion Gallina Padovana

Images, video and audio of the victory in the Championships of Italian poultry farming.

My tips for breeding

I present to you a guide breeding hen Paduan.

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